I need a Notary - What do I do? 

The first thing you need to do if you need a Notary is to email or call the Notary you intend to use.  I prefer email as oftentimes upon review of the documentation it transpires that a Practising Solicitor rather than a Notary Public can complete the documentation which saves you, the client, a significant amount of fees. 

If a Notary is required, I will ask you to send me the documentation you require to have completed along with an email copy of your Money Laundering documentation (photo I.D and utility bill).   Upon receipt of this documentation, I will supply you with a fixed fee quote (where possible).  My terms of business and privacy documentation is available on this website.   

What happens when I see a Notary?

When you have your consultation with Nicola, you will need to bring some documentation with you typically the following;

  • Signed Terms of Business
  • Your Passport or Driving Licence (or other photo I.D if previously agreed)
  • A utility bill dated within 3 months of meeting
  • The documentation that you require to be notarised
  • Any instructions or covering letter received from the receiving jurisdiciton
  • Witnesses (if required)
  • Payment

Upon inspection of the foregoing documents, Nicola will photocopy the I.D and utility bill along with any other documentation that you provide.